Ever had that nudging feeling that God is calling you to something greater? Something bigger than you? That thing you try to shake but won’t be shaken. Yeah, that… well that’s been me for about 4 years now. God has called me to write. Huh, I know!!

Before you say, ‘oh yeah that makes total sense’, let me take you back to the beginning.

Starting in Kindergarten my parents knew something was not quite right. My reading was not on par and I was writing backwards. If you have a little one, you may know this isn’t totally off track, but for me it was. Shortly thereafter and into first grade I was officially diagnosed with Dyslexia and Reading Comprehension deficiencies.

I would go most of my schooling with what now would be labeled as IEP or 504 services and adaptations. I was ‘pulled out’ of my typical class throughout the day, had tutors, had testing accommodations and generally did very poor at school.

We move from Illinois to New York to Ohio all within my Elementary schooling which compounded the issue further. By the time Middle School hit, I called it quits. I was done feeling dumb and less than. I asked my parents to withdraw me from any school supports. Ultimately they placed me in a private HIgh School to help my learning environment and it was probably the saving grace; of course besides God Himself.

My parents I believe were truly in shock that I actually graduated, all on my own! Then even more shocking was my ability to achieve my BA in Religion at Wright State University within exactly four years; all on my own. I carried above a 3.5GPA the majority of my college career.

So I’m called to write! Seems almost comical after my back story. My ability to not only overcome but completely compensate for the disability is for God’s glory alone. I really have no rigid path I followed or extravagant formula to tell. I do know while in college I found my ability to learn creatively. I dove into music, arts, even dance and yoga. I found how to weave words together without the rigid confines of previous education. I found that I did know something and was worth being me. I found myself.

And that’s it. Over the past several years, even prior to Bill’s passing, writing has been therapeutic. I’ve learned even more as an adult. God has opened up new opportunities where even paid work of mine is based on my research, interviews and then being able to write in a concise way.

So here’s to my new adventure. I pray you follow along, share, tag, tweet, whatever. Just as long as you know I’m not perfect, we are good!

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