Today is one of those dates. For those that have lost a loved one, you understand. It’s a date that will forever be embedded on your heart. Today’s date represents Bill and I’s wedding anniversary.

As Facebook oh so kindly reminds us daily, there are a lot of memories. I took a moment today to read my posts over the past few years. This year would have been 16 years for us. However, God had a change of plans. Life should never be taken for granted and I pray that you hug on your spouse a little tighter after reading this. Let them know they really do matter and are the love of your life. I seriously could not do what I do without the support of my hubby, Tim. He’s an amazing man and I’m a lucky girl!

God has done immeasurably more than we could ask for and has brought such beauty from our tragedy. But for a moment today, I glance back. I’ve complied some quotes over the last few years and will leave you with a poem of sorts that I wrote in 2014, the title for today, The Tug of Heart.

2013 – 12yrs ago today I was giddy and getting ready to marry my best friend. I had no idea what would transpire over these years, but I was committed to my vows. Bill and I traveled some high roads and many low roads together. We stuck through thick and thin to see God restore our marriage. He was a man of his word and was our covering. Love this deep transfers dimensions and shifts into a different type. Connor was praying last night and thanked God for making his body a miracle. Connor is a miracle and was one of our greatest testimonies.

2015 – Last year I made a promise to myself to have a bucket list of items I’ve never done before to then do on our anniversary. Who knew I’d be saying that today, married to an amazing man and 28wks pregnant with baby Hill?!? Bucket List-check…God is pretty awesome and has blessed us beyond measure. I’m grateful for my past and looking forward to the future. Thank you Tim Hill for loving us as a package deal.

2016 – It was at 1:30pm 15years ago today that I said my first ‘I do’…. I heard ‘I do’ spoken to me… Two became one. As I’ve pondered through the day, it’s not forgotten, it’s on my heart. I remember each detail of that exciting day. The reality is I had no clue the gravity of the vows I took before man and God. Tonight I’m reminded all to well how that covenant turned into a blessing with our only son, Connor. As he and I sat this evening we talked, remembered and cried… I was young and in love! Our future awaiting us. Talking to Connor tonight had me speak words I needed myself to hear and remember. Gods plan isn’t our plan. But if we turn from Him and remain in anger/bitterness, we can’t heal to see the beauty for ashes. This is our journey… Not to forget but to honor and remember. Thank you Bill Powers for your/our legacy…Connor’s becoming an amazing young man.

The Tug of Heart (2014)
Pulling, pushing, pulling, pushing.
Can be exhausting, exciting, confusing, thrilling all within in moments of each other.
Until you release control.
Take one step, small if needed, a shuffle sometimes.
It will move you in the right direction.

Photo by vidalia_11

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