Why Not Revival?
I have a burden to share. Many of you share the same one. Our country, the hearts and souls of so many that are hurting. These were my thoughts the other morning as I was getting ready. And I heard the Holy Spirit say ‘Why Not Revival?’. Then I question it myself… why not?!?
Over the past few years it’s almost as if in the Christian community the word revival has gotten a bad rap. We immediately think of scheduling the routine revival services and how that will fit into our already jammed packed life. As you speak about revival there seems to be this almost autoformatted response of ‘revival starts in the heart’ (meaning individually). So to that I say, I can’t argue that. It’s true! I remember the personal revival in my heart, body and soul when I got saved! I remember how to get back to that place of the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit and can now foster that in my home. But I’m still left asking, Why Not Revival? Why have we set up a ‘no’ response to an actual community outbreak of God’s enormous love falling on many?
As Christians don’t we have a duty to see the presence of God fall so heavy on those that are hurting that their lives are changed? Don’t we desire to see others run the race and not grow weary? Do we still desire addictions to cease and diseases healed? I would assume most answer ‘Well of course Heida!’. But yet we have the response to revival as stated above. What I hear is ‘Do it yourself; find God on your own and then we can get together and celebrate’.
On the contrary when great revivals of the past have broke out it is within the context of community. Let’s take for example Azusa Street Revival. It broke out in 1906 and lasted almost 10 years! This, along with many others, are characterized by a community of believers, offering up prayers and petitions to God where the mighty presence falls and others are consumed by His great love.
My heart is burdened for revival, yes within myself, but for others. I pray that hearts are set on fire for God. I want to be on the look out for God and all of His wonders. I want to run to where the overflow is happening and take all my friends and family with me, don’t you?
As we step into September I can’t help but feel an expectancy. With Awaken The Dawn just a little over a month away, what will God do in preparation for America’s Tent of Meeting? What will He place on your heart to prepare you for this shift?
I leave you with one last question… What If? What If Revival? What If Now? Why Not?
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