The word Hope…tumbling and swirling in my spirit. This morning and all through the day I have been hearing the word Hope. As I sat down to my computer, sipping my lovely homemade latte, I asked God to show me exactly what words to pen about Hope. See I started this blog two weeks ago. At that time and yet again as I start to write my heart speeds up and my mind begins to doubt…’what do I have to say about hope?!?’ And then I hear the Holy Spirit whisper ‘Much…’

Often times the words Faith and Hope go hand in hand and even used as a synonym of each other. Much agreement from me here, however I personally feel a different application when I utilize hope. I tend to feel a deeper personal connection and emotion attached. A quick Bible reference that I found interesting. Utilizing the NIV version, the word hope is found in the Bible 180 times and as suspected the majority of references are in the Book of Job and Psalm.

If you know me somewhat well, you would know that I have the word ‘Hope’ tattooed on my back surrounded by angel wings and Psalm 91. Yup, I am that crazy Jesus girl who has tattoos. I went through a season of life, between spouses, where it was tattoo after tattoo. But even prior to this season the word hope was a drawing inspiration. My very good friend Laurel once told me this and it has stayed in my spirit since. She said while telling me about a prayer experience “When I asked God whom I was praying for He said ‘Hope’…I immediately knew it was you – Heida…He was calling you Hope!”.

I will date this conversation back to approximately 2009 or 2010, several years prior to Bill’s passing. I was just being educated by the Holy Spirit on the various names God has for us with Peace being one of them and now to add Hope? Honestly I received the word, loved it, but did not have the fullness of it.

So back to today. I am engulfed with the thought of ‘Holding on to Hope’. There are multiple references of putting our hope in the Lord or in His word.

My soul faints with longing for your salvation, but I have put my hope in your word.
You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.
Israel, put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love and with him is full redemption.
If we are instructed to put our hope in the Lord, then obviously there is a reason. As the mirror hits my face, I realize that often times I find myself putting my hope in the wrong people, places or things. Next thing I know disappointment, hurt and frustration come walking in like best friends. Then I look back and say ‘Hey, who invited you?!?’. Then I crumble realizing it was me…yet again, placing my hope in the unfulfilling place of whatever…not in the Lord.
My recent disappointment comes from my book proposal. Short and sweet story…the literary agent I was working with is not currently taking on new projects due to family obligations. Honestly, I am very happy she let me know and will get the time with her family that she should have!
On the flip side, this is a disappointment I must process with the Lord. We’ve been ‘processing’ this for about a month now. All puns intended here. I’ve not done much processing because I wanted to bury it. I want to bury the pain. I want to hypothetically bury the book. I have allowed doubt to creep in like a dense fog.  Yup, honest truth, not pretty folks. So this week I’ve allowed the process to begin. I’ve allowed God to whisper to me again…encouraging my next step. At 4:44am on Sunday morning He showed me a rabbit trail that led to a publisher link. My husband has been gently nudging me to get back on the horse, so to speak. He sent me a link last week, at first glance it was a no go. But awakened by the Holy Spirit that morning opened my eyes to information I had not seen.
God will work out the details of publishers and proposals. Today, I am simply basking in the word Hope, yet again. I am creating intentional ‘white space’ on my calendar to complete the work He put in me. And I am writing this blog to say Thank You to my audience, my readers, my friends. You all are amazing and I appreciate your encouraging words more than you know.
I pray that the word Hope inspires you today. What area of your spirit does this apply to the most? What have you lost hope in? What dreams have you laid down that should be picked back up?
Friends I pray with you today that you are energized by Hope and let’s keep clinging on to the Rock that is Higher than all!
In Love, Heida (aka Hope)

Photo by Justin Ried

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