Did someone say, Another Giveaway?!? Well, I figured since the last giveaway blog was such a hit, Brave Beauty – A Book Giveaway For A Brave Beauty, that we should do another! So I am excited to say that today we will take a look inside Faithgirlz Backpack Bible.

*Stay tuned to the end for details on how to be entered to win ONE new copy of Faithgirlz Backpack Bible!!*

Faithgirlz Backpack Bible is an NIV compact Bible and is published by Zondervan. This Bible is geared for young girls, ages 8-12 and grades 3-7. It is beautifully covered with a fun pink imitation leather and is super soft. It also features a lay-flat binding so that when opened it literally lays open rather than flipping shut! If you are like me, this is a simple but wonderful feature as I’m prone to loose my page!

Being a parent myself, I recognize how having a compact Bible for school, church and bible studies is imperative to toss in any backpack. Especially as a younger girl who tend to carry lots of other goodies, having something compact makes it more likely to be used on the go! And what girl wouldn’t want a Bible that speaks right to her heart with a splash of pink! The outside cover is adorned with a simple statement:

Follow Your Heart

To make the Bible even more special, it features a twelve page section titled “Beauty of Believing!”. These sections are broken into three parts – Introduction, Old Testament, and New Testament. My favorite excerpt is found in the Introduction. It says this:

The Faithgirlz Promise

I promise to always…

  • Focus on my inner beauty.
  • Remember that God loves me always.
  • Love myself the way God made me.
  • Look at others’ gifts without jealousy.
  • Treat other people the ay I want to be treated.
  • Love my neighbor.
  • Forgive others when they sin against me.
  • Love my enemies.
  • Seek God’s will in all that I do.
  • Focus on the inner beauty of others.

Amen and Amen! What powerful words being spoken to our young girls and what momma wouldn’t love that?!?

Speaking about girls and mommas, I had the opportunity to get this Bible into one of my great momma friends hands, Zoe! She is blessed with two sweet girls, one of them being Zyra who is 11 years old and just started 6th grade. As I presented Zoe with the Bible, I had no idea that Zyra was about to start a Bible study at her school and was in the market for a new compact Bible! Say what?!? Yes, that is how awesome God is! So of course, after a few weeks I asked Zyra for her feedback and she was thrilled to tell me her opinion! Here are some of her thoughts:

What I liked about the new Follow Your Heart Bible was this it gives tiny life lessons like how to show other people your faith. I liked it because it is not King James version but NIV, and I think it really suits teens… Overall, I would say this Bible is a 10 out of 10 and would recommend it. It is little enough to fit in your purse or your book bag so you can take it everywhere with you and even your school Bible study. And if you don’t have a school Bible study, make your own!

Here is a picture of Zyra packing up her bag for school! And don’t you love her encouragement to make your own Bible study? She is such a sweet heart!

As with my most recent blog and giveaway, I will say the same thing…what a perfect time of year as we approach the gift giving season to have a giveaway! I would love for you to win, but if you don’t, jump over to Amazon or your local store and pick up a copy for a young girl!

To enter the giveaway please follow these steps:

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Easy peasy! One of my little guys will draw a winner on Tuesday 10/31/2017 and I will announce on Facebook!

Lastly, thanks again to The Blythe Daniel Agency for this amazing opportunity!

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