Today not only starts a new month but it also brings along the fact that it is the last month of the year. As I was scrolling Facebook for a few quiet minutes this morning, I realized a few things. First, that today is December. Second, I haven’t posted in a few days. Thirdly, while recalling my last few days, I realize why I haven’t. Today I am going to take a moment to reflect on what December means to me and a few steps I am going to take to make it a December To Remember.

Depending on how well you know me, you may or may not know that I was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) back in 2003. While Bill and I were attempting to understand why I was unable to conceive, several doctor appointments later determined this diagnosis. Without boring you with medical details, one side effect specifically I was diagnosed with is Insulin Resistance. After my own research and living this out for almost 15 years now, I can say I understand how Insulin directly effects the other hormones in your body which then can cause infertility.

Connor was a miracle. Besides being placed on medication to bring my hormone levels under control, we were subsequently diagnosed with infertility issues from the male perspective. Bill and I were told that we were ‘unable to have children’ on our own. Fast forward less than a year and we were pregnant with Connor by July 2004. I am skipping ALOT of details but, God performed the miracle of Connor.

I am reflecting on all this today because this week I was ‘re-diagnosed’ with Insulin Resistance. Under the suggestion of my GYN back in March, I went off the medication. There was a thought that my blood work had been very good during my pregnancies and he would like a 3 month, non medicated, timeframe to re-draw blood. This took some time to ultimately happen because shortly after this appointment I had an appendicitis. Ultimately I agreed and started the de-medication process in late April. I personally was thinking, Why yes! I’d love to be medication free and am in agreement for my healing! I was believing this process and new blood draw would ‘prove’ my healing.

But in my gut I had a feeling things weren’t ok. There were certain ways I was feeling physically and the in my face fact that weight loss was simply not happening regardless of my healthy eating and exercise habits. I woke up early one morning in the beginning of November, just a few weeks ago. I clearly heard the Holy Spirit tell me this…Get your Insulin checked, you have Insulin Resistance, you need to be back on medication. (I know, I know, this may seem crazy that the Holy Spirit talks to me this way, but it’s how I communicate with the Holy Trinity.)

As I started the regimen of medication this week, again, my body has been in torment. I feel sick, irritable, tired, and like a roller coaster. I recognize that my hormone levels have been nuts and as they attempt to regulate with the medication, I was headed on a dangerous path. If my insulin wouldn’t have been put under control, it would have effected other areas of my body including turning into Diabetes. Then I stop to say ask this question in amazement…How loving is Our Father to send His Holy Spirit to tell me to get checked?!?

Often times as Christians we can snub our noses at Doctors or medication. I personally have found myself in that place. But with time and wisdom I can firmly say that God placed them here on Earth for our provision until either Earthly healing is obtained or Heavenly healing is obtained. So for now, I wait. I obey. I will treat my body how God intended it.

So how does this wrap up into a December to Remember – Finding Joy? Bottom line, I refuse to let this crazy havoc that has been placed in my body overarch my December! Today I decree and declare my healing and victory over PCOS. I believe my hormones will go back to their correct levels and that my body, mind and spirit will follow!

So I ask you these questions…What does December mean to you? What declarations can you make for this month that will help you finish this year out as God intended?

Whatever your answer, I come in agreement with you today! The best part about the word JOY is that it is regardless of physical surroundings or tangible items, it truly is internal and from God. This means we can find Joy in all circumstances, if we choose.

16 Always be joyful. 17 Never stop praying. 18 Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

I am believing for a December that will knock our socks off. A month of Joy and memory making moments. I believe the story of Jesus’ birth will come alive in a new way to our heart and we can be the light for those around us. Thank you God for sending your Son so we can live in Freedom!

December Blessings to you, Heida

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